There are several reasons why a particular Tweet may be omitted from the board:

  1. It doesn’t match your filters - make sure you haven’t select the ‘AND’ method for filtering whereby the Tweet might not match ALL of the filters you have chosen.
  2. It fails the profanity filter - if you have selected the profanity filter to be on, the Tweet may not be passing through. It may not be obvious as the Tweet might not obviously contain any profanities. The filter is very strict though in an attempt to ensure nothing rude makes it through. You may be best off disabling the profanity filter and enabling manual moderation, or moderation of Tweets that are caught by the profanity filter. You can review the board report to see how many Tweets are being filter due to profanities.
  3. The Tweet is considered negative - Automatic sentiment analysis of the Tweet takes place where it is given a score based on negative, positive and neutral words within the content. Tweets with a high negative score are omitted from the board. You can configure the threshold for this under the Advanced tab in board configuration. Sentiment analysis is only a computers best guess on the Tweet and may not be 100% accurate, some words could for example be considered both positive and negative depending on their context.
  4. Twitter considers it sensitive - Twitter has an internal tool for determining whether a Tweet contains possibly sensitive content, this includes pornographic material. All Tweets that are considered possibly sensitive by Twitter are omitted from the board regardless of the boards settings.
  5. Too much content - If you are following a board with a significant amount of content passing through such as a trending topic, to ensure the board is still readable, the amount of Tweets per minute is limited. The Tweet may be outside this limit.
  6. You haven’t activated your subscription - Until you activate your subscription, we will replace Tweets with adverts for are regular intervals.